In this article, we’ll explore Storage Proofs which take the trust-minimized verification concept and extends it to checking transactions in older, historical blocks. Being able to verify past transactions and user activity in this manner unlocks a multitude of cross-chain use cases.
Blockchain Interoperability Consensus Proofs & Trust Minimized Bridging
In this article, we explore an emerging approach to Interoperability – where asset bridging can be facilitated through trust-minimized verification of a blockchain’s latest state using Consensus Proofs. Is this the future of bridging and who are the teams building on this?
Blockchain Interoperability Part I: The Current State of Bridging
In this article, we will cover why Interoperability is important, the challenges it faces and what are the current approaches. This is Part I of a 3 part series of Interoperability where we set the scene of where we are today. Parts II & III will explore emerging Interoperability approaches that we are excited about.
In this article, we examine the core value propositions of Web3 Social, how the various protocols and platforms work, the level of product-market fit seen today and its potential to become the future of how we interact, build communities, make friends and transact online.